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Anadenanthera macrocarpa


Origin: North of Argentina


Products and presentations


Diameter: 26/35 cm

Lenght: 3mts and up  


Brushed and unbrushed lumber

Thinckness (mm): 26/51/77/102/127

Width (mm): 77/102/127/153/178/204

Lenght (mts): 0,5 to 3


Parquet: the different shades in colour allows a vivid floor design.

Decoration and design: Turnery, stairs, furniture.

Exterior construction: Hydraulic engineering, garden, playgrounds.


• Moderate air drying

• Kiln drying not needed

• Chemical treatment not needed"

Quality Grades

Lumber: FAS, F1F, SEL, 1C, 2C, 3AC, 3BC

Logs: F1, F2, F3

General description

Cebil is found in forests ranging from humid subtropical to dry temperate. The tree reaches heights up to 27 meters with a diameter of 110 cm, it does not present buttresses. Logs are straight and cylindrical. Timber with fine and uniform texture, grain usually irregular ande interlocked. Heartwood of reddish brown with dark steaks. Colour and grain can be compared to Rosewood."

Anatomic Characteristics

Heartwood color: Pink brown to pink red

Sapwood color: Pale purple

Texture: Medium to fine

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