Lumber: Pinus

Softwood —

Designation Description Intended for furniture and edge glued panels, only side boards no pith. Only pencil wane accepted 5mm x 5mm x 200mm and restricted to max 10% of the pieces. Blue stain not accepted. Pith not allowed. Birdseyes are only accepted when white. This grade is a mix of lower-grade COL and lumber cut closer to the center, we accept traces of pith and birdseyes that did not pass our COL grade classification. Trace amounts of pith allowed in 40% of the total pieces. Birdseyes are accepted when brown. Pinholes are accepted. Intended for use as packaging, used extensively in export nations like Japan, Korea and Taiwan. Also used as building material. We only consider central/core lumber cuts. Pith allowed. This grade considers the whole log cut to the customer's desired dimensions. Usually intended for building. Col Grade Colpi Grade Industrial or Pallet Grade Mill Run Grade

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