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Chlorophora tinctoria

Mora amarilla


Origin: North of Argentina


Products and presentations


Diameter: 26/35 cm

Lenght: 3mts and up  


Brushed and unbrushed lumber

Thinckness (mm): 26/51/77/102/127

Width (mm): 77/102/127/153/178/204

Lenght (mts): 0,5 to 3


Exterior general, bridges, poles, paling, stakes posts, rails, crossarms, crossties, piers, housing general, beams, joists, boards, flooring, frames, steps, furniture and cabinets, common furniture, plywood and veneer, decorative veneer, turning, turned furniture, sports, bowling polo balls, naval construction, boat deck, musical instruments, handicrafts, yoke


• Moderate air drying

• Kiln drying not needed

• Chemical treatment not needed"

Quality Grades

Lumber: FAS, F1F, SEL, 1C, 2C, 3AC, 3BC

Logs: F1, F2, F3

General description

Mora is a small or medium size tree, attaining heights from 15 to 30 m, and trunk diameters of about 50 to 100 cm. The branches are sometimes armed with spines. Logs length to 6m, average diameter up to 50cm. Timber with fine texture, irregular grain and yellow to orange brown colour. Radial cuts often with pencil stripe. Exposed to light the colour turns in short time to a rather dark brown. Often used for ceiling beams in homes due to the superior combination of hardness and stability it is an excelent flooring material.

Anatomic Characteristics

Heartwood color: Yellow-brown

Sapwood color: Yellow-brown

Texture: fine

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