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Juglans Australis

Nogal Criollo


Origin: North-West of Argentina


Products and presentations


Diameter: 30/45 cm

Lenght: 3m and up  


Brushed and unbrushed lumber

Thinckness (mm): 26/51/77/102/127

Width (mm): 77/102/127/153/178/204

Lenght (mts): 0,5 to 3


Veneers & Plywood


Decoration and design: Plywood veneers, parquet, furniture, solid wood panels, flooring, windows and doors.


• Moderate air drying

• Kiln drying not needed

• Chemical treatment not needed

Quality Grades

Lumber: FAS, F1F, SEL, 1C, 2C, 3AC, 3BC

Logs: F1, F2, F3

General description

Nogal is similar to North American Black Walnut but of darker and more homogenous colour and lesser shrinkage. Logs lenght to 5m, average diameter up to 50cm. Timber with clear growth rings, accentuated and straight grain, coarse to medium texture and chocolate brown colour, light sapwood.  It is easy to handle, problems might occur during kiln-drying which has to be done carefully and slowly. Oily wood components might falsify the result of moisture measurements

Anatomic Characteristics

Heartwood color: Chocolate brown

Sapwood color: Chocolate brown

Texture: fine

How to reach us

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