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Myroxylon peruiferum

Quina colorada


Origin: North-West of Argentina


Products and presentations


Diameter: 26/35 cm

Lenght: 3m and up  


Brushed and unbrushed lumber

Thinckness (mm): 26/51/77/102/127

Width (mm): 77/102/127/153/178/204

Lenght (mts): 0,5 to 3


Housing general, beams, flooring, parquet, steps, doors and windows, furniture and cabinets, plywood and veneer, decorative veneer, railwail sleepers


• Moderate air drying

• Kiln drying not needed

• Chemical treatment not needed

Quality Grades

Lumber: FAS, F1F, SEL, 1C, 2C, 3AC, 3BC

Logs: F1, F2, F3

General description

Quina colorada is a medium size tree, attaining heights of 10 to 30 m and diameters of 60. Logs lenght to 6mts, average diameter up to 40 cm. Timber with medium to fine texture, the grain varies from straight to irregular. Quina has an aromatic fragance. Heartwood shows an intensive red brown colour. Regarding it hardness, Quina is easy to kiln-dry, easy to machining and quite stable.

Anatomic Characteristics

Heartwood color: Purplish red

Sapwood color: Pale  brown

Texture: medium to fine

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