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wood vending hub from Argentina to the world

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Production Cycle

01. Start

The process begins in our afforestation areas, where the best wood is selected to be used as raw material.

04. Sawing (if necessary)

The woods are cut to necessary length to elaborate the products.

02. Woodcutting

Our specialists cut the most suitable trees to obtain the necessary raw material.

03. Processing

The wood is processed to improve its durability and the quality of the resulting final product.

05. Production

In this stage the wood products receive the final form with which they will be commercialized.

06. Storage

The products are stored to enter the logistics stage, where they will be delivered to the final recipients all around the world through our unique import/export system.

07. Shipping to Final Destination

The process ends with the distribution to our customers around the world through our import/export platform.


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A conglomerate of Argentine companies that clusters diverse business units, constituted by an extensive team of entrepreneurial professionals with proven experience in the business world.

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Our forest allied company. We develop customized forestry trusts for investors and own investments.

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Our wood production and marketing line. We mainly use the wood that we forest

Our brand of production and commercialization of agricultural, road building and forestry machines and implements.

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